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"The secret of change is  to concentrate all your energy on building new things instead of fighting the old. "


- Socrates

​About me

After many years in various industries and functions, I started to actively deal with the topics of mental health and coaching in 2006. People with their many facets have fascinated me since my youth and in 2014 I decided to train as a qualified mental trainer. Mental coach. Since then, my professional focus has been on coaching, mindfulness and the wellbeing of people.

Over the years I have developed quite strongly me in this area and found that I am filled with this kind of work with meaning, joy and satisfaction. My pronounced sensitivity and intuition are the strongest pillars of my work. As an accompaniment for personal development, I offer the support and perspectives with which people can overcome their inner challenges and exploit their true potential.


Supporting people mentally in the best possible way requires a high degree of self-awareness and self-reflection. I am of the opinion that you can only teach people what you understand yourself and, above all, what you live. Lifelong learning is a valuable principle for me, accompanied by a positive attitude to life, joie de vivre and a good dose of humor. My heart beats for all the courageous people who are ready to deal with themselves and want to go their own personal path independently.

Über mich

Danijela Lovric

1140 Vienna ​​

Tel .: +43 699 8176 9055


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